The Scent of Hawaii

Did you know that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory? So it’s not surprising that most people never forget the scent of Hawaii. Most of what makes the scent of Hawaii so memorable is the flowers, and today we are going go through six flowers that collaborate in making Hawaii smell so beautiful and unforgettable.

Birds of Paradise is very dramatic orange or blue flower that resembles an exotic bird. This flower does well in a pot, and is therefore a great houseplant.

The Orchid has 22,000 species, with only a few being native to Hawaii. Orchid’s are used for special occasions, and are a tropical looking flower.

Anthuriums is a poisonous plant that can even cause skin irritation from brushing up against it. What most people assume as the flower is actually a red heart shaped leaf. This plant has also been called the Flamingo Flower.

The Plumeria is probably the most famous Hawaiian flower because it is used in the Hawaiian lei. They have a wonderful fragrant smell, and they last several days after they have been cut.

Ginger is an extremely vibrant flower. It is very oriental in appearance and has somewhat of a pineapple shape to it.

If you don’t live in Hawaii, Maui Tropical Soaps can always deliver the scent of Hawaii to you. All of our soaps contain Hawaii’s finest scents, and each will bring you to Hawaii the minute you use them!


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One Response to “The Scent of Hawaii”

  1. Nina Yang Says:

    The info are perfect and it tells me good deeds in a speical way….lol….

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